Semi Permanent Make-up

Semi-Permanent Make-up is often confused with cosmetic tattoos. They are NOT the same and we will explain why. Cosmetic tattoo, also known as permanent make-up, is an older technique that may use ink for body tattoos. For cosmetic tattoos, the ink is placed in the layer of the skin known the dermis or even deeper to the subcutis. Cosmetic tattoos are permanent and will not disappear. They tend to look unnatural and can be a drastic change. Lastly, cosmetic tattoos discolor over time to a bluish gray.

Semi-Permanent Make-up is the newest innovation for beauty and is an upgrade from cosmetic tattoos. The biggest difference is that semi-permanent make-up is NOT permanent. Semi-permanent make-up is less invasive because it is placed under the top layer of the skin, the epidermis. Another big difference is that out semi-permanent make-up uses pigments from naturally derived mineral origins and the color composition is made to fade over time with no discoloration, the shade only gets lighter and lighter through the exfoliation of the epidermis. Semi-permanent make-up lasts about 1-3 years, depending on skin metabolism, type, and the environment. The major benefit of semi-permanent make-up is that you don’t have to commit to the same look for the rest of your life. Hence the name semi-permanent: the make-up is permanently placed for a limited amount of time, usually 1-3 years, You have the freedom to change the shape and color as your preferences change, heavy lip liner was popular? We imagine that anyone who had lip liner permanently tattooed is having regrets now that the trend has passed in favor more subtly defined lips. Our method is to enhance a woman’s natural beauty by helping fill in areas of the brows, creating darker and fuller lashes, or balancing out shape and applying sheer color for the lips. Semi-permanent make-up is a great solution for women looking to save time applying make-up by being an easy base to work on or providing a naturally beautiful, fresh-faced look that they can wear every day!

What is Semi Permanent Make-up?

Semi-permanent makeup are treatments that replicate perfectly applied conventional makeup, most frequently on the brows, lash line, and lips. This is done by inserting cosmetic pigments into the dermis layer of the skin. Also known as Permanent Make-up, Microblading, Micro-Pigmentation, Brow Embroidery, and Cosmetic Tattooing.

How long do the results last?

For brows and lip, up to two years. For eyeliner, three to five years. Hair color, skin type, after-care, and lifestyle also affect longevity of the results. Occasional touch-ups are a way to refresh the results. Done correctly, the treatments do not change color and fade naturally away with time. For areas such as brows, this allows future flexibility with shape, as standards of beauty change.

Is it Painful?

We use effective numbing creams that are FDA approved. On a scale of 1 to 10 with “1” being no discomfort, clients often experience between a 2 and 3 with the Bespoke Brow treatment. Other factors such as menstrual cycles also affect level of sensitivity.

Is it safe?

All our pigments are cosmetic grade, meaning that they are sterilized and purified for cosmetic use. The ingredients used have been approved by the FDA for cosmetic use. Be wary of products that have not met safety standards, including those that contain “vegetable dyes” that are unstable and may change color after time. In addition, all our tools are single-use and discarded after the treatment. Our specialists are highly trained, certified and experienced professionals.

What does it feel like?

Most individuals experience a slight scratching sensation with limited to no discomfort while some others report a bit of a sun burn sensation at the end of the procedure. Topical anesthetics applied during the procedure provide relief from pain so minimal discomfort may be felt during the procedure. Having said that, everyone’s tolerance for pain varies and for optimal comfort we also recommend avoiding treatment when you are on your menstrual cycle, or feeling under the weather as this makes you more sensitive as will caffeine, alcohol, tobacco or other stimulants.

What will I look like right after?

After the procedure there may be minimal redness or inflammation lasting a couple hours to a couple days depending on the individual and the area being treated. This is the skin’s normal reaction to being pigmented. In the next 3-5 days, the color appears a bit darker as the pigment is held on top of the skin and in the upper layers of the skin. With the skin’s normal regeneration process, the color on top of the skin will exfoliate revealing a lighter more natural looking shade 5-10 days later.

Why don’t you use Permanent pigment?

As people age, the shape of their face changes, skin stretches and features sometimes drop. Semi-permanent pigmentation allows more flexibility to change the color, give lift or create new, more flattering lines that provide a more youthful or flattering look.

Can I change the look?

Yes. A lighter shade can always be made darker or conventional makeup can be used on top for a different look or evening or dramatic look. We feel a conservative approach is the best approach. The first appointment is a starting point to introduce the color and shape. On the second appointment we will perfect or build on the shape and deepen the color. It is much easier to gradually build on color and shape than to go in too strong.